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     ANEDA TINTAS     
You can find your color here, with the best quality and the best price.

   Since 1989, Aneda Tintas, a company in the segment of paints, varnishes, complements, waterproofing and accessories for painting, has developed over the years with personalized quality work in order to meet customer needs, service, low prices and best brands.

    We always seek to be written, innovating with product launches, colors, finishes, and also maintaining traditional products.

   We have trained salespeople who guide you in choosing the best product, with the best cost for a specific specification and quantity needed, which guarantees an excellent result, providing savings, security and confidence to our customers.

We invest in technology in order to provide an agile and quality service with greater options of colors and finishes.

    Today, our store has Suvinil's latest generation Tinting Machine with the SelfColor System, providing more than 2,000 cataloged colors, the Color Atlas with more than 10,000 colors and even personalized colors.

   We also have the COLORi Suvinil, a device that identifies colors on any type of surface, such as fabrics, paper, etc., allowing you to set the exact color or the closest color within the more than 2,000 colors available in the Suvinil range.

   Doubt when choosing colors? Aneda Tintas offers its customers Suvinil Revela, for you to get the color right. The main colors, among the most sold, are the trends by architects and decorators and the line colors.

98% satisfaction for our more than 8.500 customers.

    Suvinil - BASF partner store, with exclusive prices and the complete line of Suvinil and Glasu! brands.

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