The color of the year is Calcita Alaranjada!

 How are we feeling right now? This is the question that guides Suvinil Revela 23+, the annual study of trends and colors that the brand has been publishing for over 10 years.
Research called “The Power of Colors”, translates into 26 colors divided into 5 palettes the main behavioral aspects of our society, national and global trends, and invites a reflection on how colors influence people's daily lives.
Suvinil was based on the most desired sensations in 2023 and the changes in the world to arrive at the color of the year. Painted curiosity and want to know more? Come with us and check it out!

Calcita Alaranjada: a transition color

The Suvinil Revela trend study defined the color of the year for 2023: Orange Calcite. It is a color that reflects the transitions experienced today, bringing energy and innovation, like the orange tones of the 1970s.
The Orange Calcite by Suvinil is an earthy orange, inspired by the crystal that gives it its name, referring to the Scandinavian tones of the soil by the first human ancestors. She brings that little taste of the past, but always looking to the future. It is Suvinil's first 100% mineral pigmented color.
The year 2023 arrives to embrace technology and the future, without ever forgetting the origin. Orange Calcite provides that feeling. Surround yourself with ancestral security, inspiration from the now, and hope to move forward.

Color sensations: colors that transform the world!

In addition to defining Suvinil's color of the year, we based our studies on sensations, behaviors, trends, aesthetics and social changes, which resulted in the creation of 5 color palettes, with more than 25 shade options. These shades are presented in the following categories.

The Exhausted

“The Exhausted” refers to the palette of colors that bring serenity and are safe choices for those who need healing and balance in emotions. With so many tasks, jobs and social networks, it is necessary to disconnect from the world to reconnect with your interior.
The colors of the “A Exausta” palette convey warmth and tranquility. Thus, they accompany the moments that you most need to be with yourself. Among the color options are: Areia do Deserto, Ninho e Horizonte.

The Optimist

The “The Optimist” color palette encompasses engaging, positive tones — ideal for taking the next step and creating a new world, both indoors and out. Even with uncertainties, the possibility of living new adventures is always knocking at the door.
“The Optimist” offers colors that fill the cabinet with curiosities, inspiring to see the brighter side of life. Want to know some examples of shades? Among them are: Eclipse, Licor de Cassis e Calcita Alaranjada, the color of the year.

The Excited

“The Excited” is a radical declaration of happiness. The palette has lush and energetic tones to color the walls of life. Even in turbulent times, from colors, it is possible to modulate the energy around.
The colors in this palette bring back the nostalgia of the 1970s and the Memphis movement, with the aim of creating an image of celebration as an antidote to any concerns that may arise. Check out some examples: Acelga, Magia Azul e Girafa.

The Connected

“The Connected” is a fusion of technology, nature and a holistic universe, creating a haven of ethereal colors to orchestrate the mind and spirit. The purpose of the palette is to produce an environment of enchantment, where time slows down, and everyday tasks are simpler.
The colors of “The Connected” soothe and heal. It is possible to recognize everyday shades in electronic gadgets, but with a different touch. Here are some examples: Quase Rosa, Sachê de Lavanda e Lago Congelado.

“The Cybernetics”

“The Cybernetics” is aligned with the metaverse. She sharpens the senses with shades that are energetic portals between the digital and physical worlds. With the technological euphoria, it allows experimenting with new aesthetics.
The “Cybernetics” color palette mixes bold tones inspired by synthetic creations that evoke mysterious and cosmic scenarios. Get to know some examples: Cyber, Cítrico e Bálsamo.

Illustrate your stories with Suvinil's color of the year!

Did you just see the size of the power that colors have over the world? Now that you know what Suvinil's color of the year is, how about choosing the ideal option to paint your stories?
For over 60 years in the market, Suvinil is a tradition and has a huge portfolio of products. Among the options, we have the premium wall paints: Suvinil Toque de Luz, with a semi-gloss finish, Suvinil Toque de Seda, with a satin finish, and Suvinil Matte Completo, with a matte finish.
Along with the color of the year, Suvinil launches a product that has been desired for many years. Orange Calcite arrives in an unprecedented version, with 100% mineral pigmentation. Suvinil Cores da Terra is a limited product made from a combination of clays, dispensing with the use of synthetic pigments.

Colors to try!

Such variety is also present in Suvinil's colors. After all, we have a huge range, with more than 2,000 shades, to suit all styles of decoration.
Among the colors, the study on trends selected the main options that will be on the rise in the next year. That way, you can find out which one suits your stories best. Be sure to check it out!

Suvinil: discover your color!

Did you like Suvinil's color of the year, but still don't know which shade to choose to transform your home? Don't worry! Try all the options available on the site and discover your color!