The color of the year 2024 is COMFORT!

Do you know about the Suvinil trend study? Annually, this work is carried out to discover the main propensities for the year. In it, palettes with different shades and a special color for the new period are defined.

The Color of the Year 2024 is chosen based on the sensations it conveys and the changes in the world itself. It is revealed in the trend study, Suvinil Revela, along with five palettes composed of colors that form the chromatic universe identified for the next year.

The research has been published for more than 10 years and in the 2024 edition is led by Michell Lott, color consultant and creative director. The combination of colors and trends is designed to help and facilitate the choice of colors for those who want to paint the house and renew the decoration with Suvinil products.

Want to know about this color trend study and how it can inspire your home décor? Understand each of the choices made, below!

Comfort: a touch of purity