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    We deliver to all of ABC and São Paulo, the regions served and the conditions informing the CEP at the end of the order. Delivery availability, freight charges and conditions may vary according to the quantities and products chosen. We have our own fleet, partner carriers, courier and post office.


    The delivery time is calculated together with the freight amount, according to the ZIP code informed, and starts counting from the moment of payment confirmation, where the order status is listed as “Approved”.

    The "Withdrawal in Store" orders (option to withdraw in our physical stores) will be available for withdrawal after the order status appears as "Approved" and the withdrawal of the order is scheduled through our service (11) 4978-2205.


    Deliveries will be made during business hours, Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

    In deliveries by carriers, up to 3 delivery attempts will be made at the customer's address. If it is not possible for the customer to receive the goods, it will be returned to the distribution center. Before returning to Aneda Tintas, the carriers try to contact you by telephone using the information the customer has filled out on the website to schedule the delivery, and if the contact is unsuccessful, the goods return to Aneda Tintas and we will try to negotiate a new delivery.

    Requests for "Withdraw in the Store" (option to withdraw in our physical stores), must be scheduled the withdrawal time and which of our stores, through our service (11) 4978-2205.


   The freight value is automatically calculated based on the information: ZIP Code of Origin, ZIP Code of the destination, total weight of the order, measures and type of product (chemical classification or not). If your region or product you are purchasing has free shipping, when you are finalizing your purchase, free shipping will be applied.


    After the order is placed, it is not possible to change the delivery address.

   To enter a new delivery address, it is necessary to cancel the previous order and place a new order. It also applies to the option to withdraw in store, if you wish to withdraw in another unit, another order must be placed.


   In some specific situations, there may be delays in the delivery of products, which may be due to lack of address information, incorrect address, non-existent address or even due to natural and human factors, such as: rains, floods, manifestations, accidents, etc. In these exceptional cases, Aneda Tintas will do its best to notify the customer and keep him informed about the delivery position, trying to carry it out as soon as possible.


    Aneda Tintas makes free deliveries depending on the region. At the end of the order, if your zip code is served by this option, free shipping will be applied.

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